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Lena Kessler never wanted to be the last unmarried Kessler sister standing. She’s content caring for babies in her nursing career, but what she truly yearns for are babies of her own and a good man beside her. After trying too hard to make the wrong relationships work, though, she’s determined to be wiser and more discriminating. Then her roommate’s brother, Ash, moves to town. He’s definitely in the hands-off category, even if she very much wants to put her hands all over him.

Being a hockey has-been was never in Ash McGuire’s life plan. Coming to grips with his new reality after a career-ending injury has been tough. He’s as surprised as anyone when he realizes settling down in a new city with a new career with the right woman might just be the hat trick of his life. Unfortunately, convincing Lena he’s the right man for her is more difficult than winning the Stanley cup. 

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